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Treatment For Scabies – The Dangers Of Permethrin Creams

6 Oct

What are scabies?

Scabies are mites, they are tiny insects, they live and eat and defecate and breed under your skin, they are highly contagious and very difficult to kill. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you do not already know… but here is something that you might not have considered.

How are scabies treated?

The standard treatment for scabies, prescribed by doctors mostly use a 5% permethrin cream, well you might be asking, ‘what exactly is permethrin, and why isn’t it working like it use to years ago. Permethrin is a synthetic chemical pesticide which works as a neurotoxin, according to Wikipedia, it is poorly absorbed by skin and is dangerously toxic, even causing death to certain animals such as cats and fish, also according to Wikipedia, very high doses of permethrin will have dangerous neurotoxin effects on mammals and birds including human beings.

So what is Neurotoxicity and is it a bad thing?

Well, according to Wikipedia what we are talking about is damage to the nervous system, including killing brain cells, so if damage to your nervous system is a bad thing then yes, you might want to be concerned about your exposure to neurotoxicity. Another thing, the united states environmental protection agency, better known as the EPA, classifies permethrin as a likely human carcinogen based on studies on which mice developed liver and lung tumors. Studies by Virginia Tech have suggested a link of permethrin exposure to Parkinson’s disease including very small exposures.

So you might be asking yourself two questions right now, number one, why are you being given such a dangerous substance to rub all over your skin? And number two, if it’s so dangerous, why doesn’t it kill the scabies?

Well the answer to the first question has to do with the immense power of the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and their control over the health care industry as well as their influence over government regulatory industries. That’s way to big of a subject to be talking about in this short article.

As far as the second question is concerned of why doesn’t permethrin kill scabies very well any more, well, let’s think about one of the farmers biggest problems, bugs! For years and years, decades in fact, farmers have been using chemical pesticides to kill bugs. What you might not know, unless your a farmer, is that insects have the ability to develop a resistant to poisons, they can become immune to poison. Insects have a very short life cycle, and they can evolve and develop resistance very rapidly. The way it works is that the chemical poison kills the bug, but not the eggs, and it doesn’t kill all the bugs either. So what ends up happening is that the stronger bugs that survive AND the bugs that hatch from the eggs end up living in an environment of poison, over hundreds of insect life cycles, the bugs end up developing resistance to the poisons, they can do that, just ask any farmer. So, the farmers end up having to put out stronger and deadlier poisons on their crops to try and kill the bugs that just won’t die. They’re constantly trying to play catch up with mother nature, but mother nature always wins.

Now with humans, we have a very long life cycle and we don’t have the ability to develop resistance to poisons very well, so the companies that make the scabies treatments are kind of stuck, sure the permethrin treatments use to really well years ago, but over time the scabies have become increasingly immune, and the companies can’t use stronger poisons than permethrin because they would end up killing a lot of people.

And that leads us to the next obvious question… what’s the secret to killing scabies?
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